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Investment in staff


At Communiy Connections we recognise that we are asking our staff to undertake a difficult task. Therefore, we ensure that the training and support will assist them to meet the needs of our young people.


Over and above the standard expectations of training for SSSC registration we ensure that they are given regular supervision and specific specialist training.


Our staff receive training on Attachment, Trauma, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), Multiple Transitions and their Impact and Safe Crisis Management Providing this level of training ensures that staff understand the reasons behind the behavior. This deeper understanding allows staff to depersonalise the acting out behaviors and see beyond the insults and aggression. This in turn allows staff to adopt a different and unique approach and remain engaged with the young people.


This continued investment by staff allows the young person to feel valued, safe and cared for. The impact that this can have provides an opportunity for trust to be built up with adults. The opportunity to begin to see the value of relationships can have a profound effect on changing and managing risk for our young people.


This type of investment by young people and staff are a crucial element in breaking the cycle of multiple placements, relationships, stability and the belief that there is a future for a good life are key factors in reducing high risk behavior.