Lewis House is in the heart of Kilmarnock offering a 4 bedded intense therapeutic support house offering long, medium, and short-term care. We promote a therapeutic environment to enable our children and young people the opportunity to grow and develop whilst feeling safe and loved within a safe and secure nurturing environment.


Every young person in our care will work with a dedicated staff team to develop their own care plan and work with our education team to meet the individual’s educational needs and

Every young person’s plan will involve:


  • Access to our Phycologist who can assist with care plans and help our young people when in crisis.
  • Access to our dedicated educational staff team who will work alongside our young people to help them achieve their educational goals.
  • Our education programme will involve a focus on health and mental wellbeing, and physical education to promote better health.
  • Access to our database of external work placements and further education to assist in being part of an active community.
  • We have an initial review at 6 weeks and then again at 12 weeks, we also have regular reviews with Social Work and those who matter in the lives of those we support.


We at Lewis House value the need for children and young people to have family time with those who matter in their life.  Staff at Lewis House communicate well with families where a child has been accommodated and build essential relationships with those who matter in a child’s life to ensure we are delivering a service that considers the individual child.  Staff at Lewis house will be happy to facilitate any contact, even if this requires them to travel distances to ensure this happens.


We build a pen picture of every child around the chronology and background paperwork. This enables staff to crate their care plan and assessment of need and risk. This helps the young person and staff to build positive relationships.


Once every young person is ready, the staff team will work alongside the local authority so we can implement a transition care plan in preparation of young people moving on from care. We focus on skills that will ensure each young person knows how to budget, pay rent and shop appropriately.

``Lewis house helped me progress my further education by encouraging me to achieve a place at college``
Young person testimonial
For more information please call us on 01563 521 954