Our Partners

Roots and Wings Social Care Ltd.


Community Connections work in collaboration with Roots and Wings Social Care to proactively promote and enhance our staff wellbeing.  We are a wellbeing centred organisation and Roots and Wings support this through their independent work on strategy, cross professional supervisions and leadership coaching to embed positive strategy approaches into practice.

Roots and Wings supports our leaders and staff to take time out, to have a safe space to reflect, be professionally curious and explore their work with someone who is independent to the team.  This provides a truly neutral space that is creative, supportive and motivating for learning and enhancing practice.

Roots and Wings also offers coaching to support leaders and staff to set themselves goals in their career, to be motivated and supported to achieve these and to achieve their potential whilst working through any potential blockers affecting the individual.

Roots and Wings believe in creating a positive culture where we all become the leaders we want to have, they encourage and support development and learning and where we promote psychological safety and support for everyone in the organisation.

Here at Community Connections we want to invest in supporting our staff to thrive, to support them to avoid common sector hazards such as compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma and burn out and to have a safe external space where their wellbeing is truly at the heart and centre of the focus, and we do this with the support and collaboration with Roots and Wings Social Care.


McBee Education & Support


Who We Are

McBee Education and Support are comprised of experienced pastoral care teachers and support practitioners. We have recognised there are young people who are incredibly difficult to reach using conventional models of education but with our experience and approach, we know we can support them and enhance their educational journey.


Lindsay McBain

With 20+ years of experience working with our young people in a variety of capacities, my passion for ensuring they are appropriately supported remains my highest priority. Over this time I have learned that care and education can be delivered in different settings out with mainstream establishments.

I have worked with an amazing team in South Ayrshire and have been lucky to have the opportunity to use my creativity for problem solving to create solutions.

The addition of NLP Practitioner & Mindfulness Teacher qualifications have allowed me to incorporate new strategies into planning for our young peoples’ positive outcomes. These practices also have the benefit of keeping me balanced when the going gets tough!


Ruth Collins

With over 15 years of experience working with young people as a Youth Worker, Pupil Support Teacher and PT Guidance Teacher, I have gained the knowledge, skills and experience to carry out my duties efficiently with diligence and passion. One of my major strengths is my knowledge and experience of GIRFEC and Child Protection procedures and policies.

My DYW secondment gave me the necessary skills and experience in a leadership role within the local authority. I have shared my vision for improving outcomes for pupils in all South Ayrshire schools and implemented positive change in my present school as a consequence.

My previous commercial experience was in hospitality, office administration, phlebotomy and agricultural laboratory work. These varied posts have allowed me to promote the DYW strategy from positive experience.

In every role throughout my career, my excellent communication skills have been key to my successes. My people-centred approach ensures that interactions are positive and people are in no doubt of my overarching ambition to achieve the very best outcome for children and young people.


What We Do

Our expertise allows us to look at every young person individually and create a plan to support them. This may be a standalone plan or feed into a GIRFEC Child’s Plan. In Covid times we can deliver online at a time to suit our young people.


We are subject specialists in the following areas:

  • Maths/Numeracy/Life skills Nat 3,4,5
  • English/Literacy             Nat 3,4,5
  • Personal Development             Nat 3,4,5,6
  • People & Society             Nat 3,4,5
  • Creative Industries Level 5 (Skills for Work)
  • Employability Level 3,4,5 (Skills for Work)
  • Princes Trust Achieve
  • Steps into Work Level 3,4 (Skills for Work)
  • PC Passport Level 3,4,5 (Skills for Work)


We can also deliver:

  • Religious Education Nat 3
  • Social Subjects Nat 3
  • French Nat 3


We are qualified to, and regularly, deliver the following supports:

  • Mindfulness (.dot B from Mindfulness in Schools Programme)
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Art Therapy (Drawing & Talking)
  • Animal Therapy
  • LIAM (Let’s Introduce Anxiety Management)


Why We Are Different

We start from the premise that whatever the challenges, every young person can benefit from the right combination of support at the right time. We build strong relationships with the young person and are innovative in using a range of non-traditional activities to engage them, building confidence and resilience in addition to striving for academic attainment.



How is what you are offering different from mainstream education?

As you would imagine with a varied pool of staff, we are also able to support emotionally – we can offer mindfulness, NLP, LIAM and other wellbeing supports. We understand sometimes this is more important than academic advancement initially.

Interventions would take place online initially, moving to blended learning, when Covid restrictions lift. We can work towards qualifications in a variety of subjects (senior phase) or consolidation for BGE (P5 – S3). Examples of these qualifications would be maths, English, social subjects, sciences at Nat 3/Nat 4 and Higher. The experience we offer is fully supportive and inclusive of young people with ASD (Autism), ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and Anxiety amongst others.